School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Through strategic international partnerships, The School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering is excited to offer you the opportunity to study abroad and complete a European Linked degree. Through this program, students enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering/Masters of Engineering spend 2-3 semesters at one of our European partner institutions. Students graduate with formal degrees at both UQ and the partner institution.

This exciting opportunity allows you to obtain additional qualifications, an invaluable global perspective, and an increased opportunity for industry experience.

How does it work?

After you’ve enrolled in the BE(hons)ME, you'll complete the first semester of your 4th year of the integrated degree at UQ. During this semester you'll complete any core courses for your major, with advice from an academic advisor.

Your next two or three semesters (depending on which partner university you choose) will be spent aboard completing coursework from the partner university's Master’s program. The coursework completed abroad will be assigned as credit towards your BE(Hons)/ME.

During your 6th year, you will enrol in and complete your thesis course at UQ (ENG7830).

Your thesis or industry placement will be completed back at UQ in your 6th year, or you may have the opportunity to stay at the partner institution. You will enrol in the thesis course of both universities and will be required to have a supervisor from both universities.