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Assoc. Professor Udantha Abeyratne

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Dr. Abeyratne earned a PhD degree from the Biomedical Engineering and Science Inst, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA, and a Master's Degree in Electrical and Electrical Engineering from Tokushima U, Tokushima, Japan. His Bachelor's degree is from U. Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He holds two Grad. Certs in Higher Education and Pediatric Sleep Science respectively from The Univ of Queensland and The U of Western Australia School of Medicine. Dr. Abeyratne's expertise is in areas of medical instrumentation and signal processing. In particular, he has contributed to medical ultrasound imaging and tissue characterization; Electrophysiological signal acquisition and processing, and novel technologies for the diagnosis of sleep and respiratory disorders. Dr. Abeyratne maintains an active research interest in appropriate technologies for remote area health.

Research Interests
  • Ultrasound Imaging and Tissue Characterisation
  • Development of electronics and processing algorithms for treating sleep disorders
  • Breathing and Snoring based diagnosis of Sleep Apnea, Electrophysiological Signal Analysis
  • Bio-mimicking instrumentation design for condition monitoring of electrical equipment
  • Neural Modelling, Higher Order Spectra Analysis.
  • Smart-phone based medical instrument design.
Key Publications
  • De Silva, S., Abeyratne, U. R. and Hukins, C. (2012) Impact of gender on snore-based obstructive sleep apnea screening, Physiological Measurement, Institute of Physics, UK, 33 4: 587-601.
  • Takahiro Emoto, Udantha R Abeyratne et al,  Artificial neural networks for breathing and snoring episode detection in sleep sounds, Physiological Measurement , Institute of Physics, UK, 33(10):1675-, 2012.
  • Swarnkar, Vinayak; Abeyratne, Udantha R.; Chang, Anne B.; Amrulloh, Yusuf A.; Setyati, Amalia; Triasih, Rina. Automatic Identification of Wet and Dry Cough in Pediatric Patients with Respiratory Diseases., Annals of Biomedical Engineering vol. 41 issue 5 May 2013. p. 1016 – 1028.
  • Amrulloh Yusuf; Abeyratne, Udantha; and Ekanayake, Chandima, "Gas and Optical Sensing Technology for the Field Assessment of Transformer Oil," International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems, Berkeley Electronic Press, USA, Vol. 11(4), Article 7. DOI: 10.2202/1553-779X.2493, 21 pages (2010).
  • Karunajeewa, AS, Abeyratne, UR and Hukins, C (2011) Multi-feature snore sound analysis in obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome. Physiological Measurement, Institute of Physics, UK, 32 1: 83-97.
  • Ng, Andrew Keong, Koh, Tong San, Abeyratne, Udantha Ranjith and Puvanendran, Kathiravelu, Investigation of obstructive sleep apnea using nonlinear mode interations in nonstationary snore signals. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 379: 1796-1806.
  • Abeyratne UR, Swarnkar V, Hukins C, InterhemisphericAsynchrony Correlates With Severity of Respiratory Disturbance Index in Patients With Sleep Apnea, IEEE Trans. On Biomedical Engineering, 57(12):  2947-55, 2010.
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  • U.R. Abeyratne, "Blind Reconstruction of non-Minimum Phase Systems from 1-D Oblique Slices of the Bispectrum", IEE Proceedings in Vision, Image and Signal Processing, vol. 146(5), pp. 253-264, October 1999. 
  • U.R. Abeyratne, A.P. Petropulu and J.M. Reid," On modeling the tissue response from ultrasound images , " IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging, 14(4), August 1996, pp.479-490.

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