Cognitive Engineering Research Group (CERG)

CERG members study human-system integration in complex sociotechnical systems, focusing on critical care medicine, air traffic control, power systems, and air defence. CERG is associated with the Schools of ITEE, Psychology, and Medicine at UQ. The leader of CERG is Professor Penelope Sanderson.

We have two new positions now open in our group:

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29 Jun 2014
CERG delivers workshop to DSTO Edinburgh on forecasting using CWA

Under a DSTO Research Agreement, Penny Sanderson and Maureen Hassall deliver a workshop to DSTO Edinburgh exploring the use of Cognitive Work Analysis to assist with foresight analysis.

21 Jun 2014
Welcome to Caitlin Browning - Winter Research Scholar

We welcome Caitlin Browning as CERG's 2014 Winter Research Scholar! Caitlin has been volunteering in the lab and learning LiveCode, so now has a chance to put her new skills to creative use.

21 Jun 2014
DFAT report submitted on Australians' care of their passports

A consortium including Alex Haslam, Jason Tangen, Penny Sanderson, Katie Greenaway, Kim Peters and Nik Steffens submit a report to Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Australians' care of their passports.

14 Jun 2014
Another journal editorial on Dr Stu Marshall's PhD research on cognitive aids

Stu has just published his first PhD study on the effect of cognitive aids in the journal Anaesthesia. We were delighted to see an editorial written about Stu's work and the importance of cognitive aids.