Cognitive Engineering Research Group (CERG)

CERG members study human-system integration in complex sociotechnical systems, focusing on critical care medicine, air traffic control, power systems, and air defence. CERG is associated with the Schools of ITEE, Psychology, and Medicine at UQ. The leader of CERG is Professor Penelope Sanderson.

We have a PhD scholarship now open in our group:

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10 Dec 2014
Congratulations Elizabeth, Sarah, and Kelly on first class honours degrees

Heartiest congratulations to our 2014 Honours students Elizabeth Vilgan, Sarah Fouhy, and Kelly Hinckfuss, who are all graduating this month with first class honours degrees. Excellent work!

19 Nov 2014
Sanderson is awarded the HFESA Ron Cumming Medal and gives Memorial Lecture

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia (HFESA) awards Sanderson its Ron Cumming Medal. She gives the Ron Cumming Memorial Lecture at the Annual HFESA Conference in Adelaide.

30 Oct 2014
Congratulations to Mia, Chiara, and Jimmy on HFES Alphonse Chapanis Award

Heartiest congratulations to Mia McLanders, Chiara Santomauro, and Jimmy Tran for winning the HFES Alphonse Chapanis Best Student Paper Award at the HFES2014 meeting in Chicago this week!

30 Oct 2014
Congratulations to Stephan and Michael on winning HFES CEDM Best Student Paper Award

Congratulations to Stephan Huber and Michael Weng for winning first place in the HFES Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making Technical Group's Best Student Paper Award at HFES this week!