Cognitive Engineering Research Group (CERG)

CERG members study human-system integration in complex sociotechnical systems, focusing on critical care medicine, air traffic control, power systems, and air defence. CERG is associated with the Schools of ITEE, Psychology, and Medicine at UQ. The leader of CERG is Professor Penelope Sanderson.


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28 Aug 2017
DECO4500/7450 Advanced HCI class explores usability testing in the UQUL

Our colleagues Dr Ben Matthews and Peter Worthy from the School of ITEE collaborate with us to set up a series of demonstrations of user testing in the UQUL for their DECO4500/7450 students. 

16 Aug 2017
Honours thesis students are finalising data collection

CERG honours students are finishing their data collection and analysing results - and they are giving us a series of presentations of their findings. 

24 Jul 2017
Dave's research and statistical boot camp finale (for now)

For some months, Dr David Liu has been training CERG honours and PhD students in research methods, using a medical clinical trials perspective. We rewarded him with a big bottle of Scotch.

19 Jul 2017
Tara and Mia successfully clear thesis milestones

Tara submitted her PhD thesis this week - well done! - and Mia passed her Thesis Review milestone. Both are moving steadily closer to graduation.