We envision Florence as a personal assistant for someone living with dementia and for their carers.

Through this project, we aim to be a step change in communication for people living with dementia.  We want to provide an example for others on the design of technology that truly empowers and enables the person to live an ordinary, everyday life.

To deliver this vision, we are:

  • creating a language bank for a person
  • creating an intelligent assistant
  • establishing a platform for the creation of technology in this context

Philosophies we consider important:

  • the technology we design and build is for people
  • we seek to adopt a true vision of calm computing



We have adopted a co-design (participatory design) approach to the development of Florence, where the people we are building this technology to assist become part of our design and development team.

Our reference group will consist of people who are either living with dementia or people who support those who live with dementia.  They will guide us throughout the life of the project by being part of the decisions we make about: the methods we use, and the technology we develop.

This community includes our team, which we feel is developing in a way to effectively support the achievement of our objectives.  The effective development of this type of technology can only be achieved through a multi-disciplinary team that understands how to function across the inherent boundaries.