Interruptions in healthcare: Causes, consequences, and resilience

In this ARC-funded research we will develop better ways to predict the impact of new technologies on medical and nursing work in critical care environments. We will build models that can be used prospectively for technology assessment.
Chief Investigators: 
Research Staff: 
  • Dr Bala Venkatesh (Princess Alexandra Hospital)
  • Professor Leanne Aitken (PAH; Griffith University)
  • Professor Sid Dekker (Griffith University)
  • Dr Tobias Grundgeiger (Univ of Wurzburg)
  • Dr David Liu (UQ)
  • Tara McCurdie (PhD Research)
  • Chiara Santomauro (PhD Research)
  • Elizabeth Vilgan (Honours Thesis)
Funding Source: 
  • ARC Discovery Grant
Project Status: 
  • Current
  • 2014 - 2017