• Sanderson honoured with IEA Fellow status

    03 Jul 2015

    Penny Sanderson learned that she has been elected a Fellow of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA). She is one of 96 Fellows elected since the initiation of IEA Fellowships 20 years ago. The fellowship will be formally recognized at the IEA's triennial congress in Melbourne this August.

  • Winter Writing Workshop kicks off for 2015

    11 Jun 2015

    The Winter Writing Workshop for thesis students in Cognitive Systems Engineering kicks off for 2015. Throughout the winter, students experience a series of writing exercises, critiques, and instruction, to help with writing theses and peer-reviewed publications.

  • Professor Sanderson visits Lingnan University, Hong Kong

    Professor Sanderson with colleagues at the end of her presentation to the HKES
    04 May 2015

    Professor Sanderson was an invited scholar in the Department of Applied Psychology at Lingnan University in Hong Kong from 30 March to 3 April, at the invitation of Dr Simon Li. During that time she made presentations on cognitive systems engineering to Lingnan University, and on auditory displays for healthcare to the Hong Kong Ergonomics Society (HKES). She also gave a class on Cognitive Work Analysis and Work Domain Analysis and interacted with Dr Li and colleagues on potential research collaborations.

    Professor Sanderson with colleagues at the end of her presentation to the HKES
  • Penny Sanderson is awarded HFESA’s Cumming Memorial Medal for 2014

    19 Nov 2014

    Penny Sanderson received the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia’s Cumming Memorial Medal, and she gave the Cumming Memorial Lecture in a plenary session of the HFESA annual conference in Adelaide. The medal and lecture are in memory of Professor Ron Cumming, an early and highly-regarded human factors pioneer in Australia.

  • Jimmy Tran, Mia McLanders, and Chiara Santomauro win HFES best student paper award

    Jimmy Tran, Mia McLanders, and Chiara Santomauro
    28 Oct 2014

    ITEE third-year electrical engineering student Jimmy Tran, together with Psych colleagues Mia McLanders and Chiara Santomauro, has won the US-based Human Factors and Ergonomics Society’s Alphonse Chapanis Best Student Paper Award. The winning paper was announced at the opening ceremony in Chicago, and the UQ team shared the US$2000 award.

  • ITEE PhD student Tara McCurdie wins AusHSI Postgraduate Scholarship

    Tara McCurdie
    15 Aug 2014

    Tara McCurdie has won a postgraduate scholarship work $10,000 from the Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation. The scholarship will assist Tara as she works towards her PhD on ‘Interruptions in the healthcare workplace: Causes and consequences’.

    Details of Tara’s project are at the following link: http://www.aushsi.org.au/funded-projects/interruptions-in-the-healthcare-workplace-causes-and-consequences