Research Themes

The research conducted by the Cognitive Systems Engineering research area is multifaceted. Current and recent research topics include the following:

  • Patient monitoring - Includes the development of auditory and visual interfaces that help critical care physicians maintain better awareness of patients' vital signs while in the hospital (with Princess Alexandra Hospital)
  • Teamwork in neonatal resuscitation - Investigates how teamwork might be supported during neonatal resuscitation (with Mater Mothers Hospital)
  • Advanced Displays - Investigates the effectiveness and safety of advanced display technologies for healthcare and other contexts. Includes investigations of head-mounted displays and vibrotactile displays for patient monitoring.
  • Defence Foresight - Involves a collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) to investigate the use of Cognitive Work Analysis for foresight exercises.
  • Passport Protection - Includes investigation of Australian citizens' care for their passports and other matters relating to passport processing.