Students can undertake a research higher degree focusing in Cognitive Systems Engineering (CSE). We offer projects that can become the subject of a PhD, Masters or Honours thesis for suitably qualified students.

Thesis students in CSE have varying backgrounds: computer science, electrical engineering, systems engineering, information systems, medicine, nursing, psychology, HCI -- or other areas.  

The table below outlines sample CSE thesis topics and the degree they would best suit. The topics are merely a guide. We are happy to discuss other potential thesis topics relevant to CSE. If you have questions about undertaking a research degree or a thesis project in this field, please contact Professor Penelope Sanderson.


  Thesis Topic   Description Degree
Vibrotactile displays for patient monitoring Vibrotactile displays can convey patient information continuously to caregivers. We are exploring the effectiveness of different vibrotactile patterns for conveying key vital signs of one or more patients to a caregiver. PhD or Honours
Auditory displays for patient monitoring Auditory displays have proven to be particularly powerful for conveying process information continuously to listeners. We are exploring the potential for auditory displays to provide information about adult respiration, neonatal oxygenation, and adult/pediatric oxygenation. PhD or Honours
Wearable visual display technologies  Wearable visual displays have become increasingly popular, and they have the potential to keep users continuously informed about events or processes of interest. We are exploring the potential for head-worn displays to provide information to caregivers about the well-being of one or more patients. PhD or Honours
Workplace interruptions and their effects  There is growing evidence that interruptions in the workplace can compromise aspects of work performance. In safety critical domains, interruptions could lead to harm. In a series of field studies and laboratory studies we are exploring the impact of interruptions on work. PhD
Human-in-the-loop simulation for patient monitoring studies  Evaluations of novel display technologies for patient monitoring are greatly enhanced if participants can make appropriate interventions when needed, and monitor their effects. There is the potential to develop closed-loop interactive simulations that could support such studies. Honours