Data & Knowledge Engineering
School of ITEE


Data and Knowledge Engineering [DKE] research aims to find innovative and practical solutions for creating value from big data in business, scientific and social applications. Members of DKE contribute to all aspects of data-centric research including: Data modeling, Indexing, Querying, Cleansing, Analysing, Visualising, and use and adoption over a number of application areas. The DKE research group currently has five key areas of research activity:

  • Spatiotemporal Data Management
  • Multimedia and Pattern Recognition
  • Data Quality Management
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Big Data Infrastructure

In both 2015 and 2012, the Data and Knowledge Engineering group was awarded ERA 5 as part of the Australian Research Council's Excellence in Research Australia program, making it one of six leading groups Australia wide in the area of Information Systems. An ERA 5 denotes research achievement well above world standards. In 2013, The University of Queensland defined its top 30 Research Strengths. The DKE group's "Information Systems and Data Management" area was officially recognised as one of the University's top-30 research strengths.

During the last 10 years the group has spearheaded major national initiatives including the ARC Research Network on Enterprise Information Infrastructure (EII). Running from 2004-2011, EII profoundly influenced the Australian ICT community in terms of research collaboration, training (especially through the annual PhD school), and research quality. The aims of EII were to provide focus for research exchange via networking and collaboration and to improve the quality, impact and visibility of Australian ICT research. This unique initiative was funded by the ARC in conjunction with financial support provided by 21 Australian and international institutions including Microsoft and SAP. As a legacy of EII, DKE continues to play a leading role in promoting excellence in research training.