Data & Knowledge Engineering
School of ITEE


What is It?

DataTown is an online repository and test environment for algorithms (methods) and data sets.

All DKE students should register an account and use the system to upload their data sets and algorithms to. Check the online help section for details on how to upload data.

DataTown is written using Java beans, JSF with the Primefaces widget library and XHTML, and is hosted using Glassfish Application Server.


Users can:

  • upload data sets with metadata information
  • upload algorithms/methods with metadata information
  • browse data sets in the system
  • browse algorithms/methods in the system
  • add comments to a data set to share their experience using it with other users
  • run Java methods online (if the method adheres to DataTown formatting standards)

Other features:

  • access control for sensitive data sets
  • creation of user groups
  • admin control over user accounts and groups
  • online help