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June 2018:

Congratulations to Dr Steve Wang whose PhD thesis has been awarded the "CAISE PhD Award 2018". In addition, his thesis will be published as a monograph in Springer's LNBIP series.

May 2018:

Congratulations to DKE staff and students for their recent big success in the 41st International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR'18), and 2018 ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD'18)!

  • Neural Memory Streaming Recommender Networks with Adversarial Training, Qinyong Wang, Hongzhi Yin, Zhiting Hu, Defu Lian, Hao Wang and Zi Huang (KDD'18)
  • PME: Projected Metric Embedding on Heterogeneous Networks for Link Prediction, Hongxu Chen, Hongzhi Yin, Weiqing Wang, Hao Wang, Quoc Viet Hung Nguyen, Xue Li (KDD'18)
  • Discrete Ranking-based Matrix Factorization with Self-Paced Learning, Yan Zhang, Haoyu Wang, Defu Lian, Ivor W. Tsang, Hongzhi Yin, Guowu Yang (KDD'18)
  • Reliability Modeling for Stock Comments: A Holistic Perspective, Chen Zhang, Hao Wang, Changying Du, Yijun Wang, Can Chen and Hongzhi Yin (KDD'18)
  • Streaming Ranking Based Recommender Systems, Weiqing Wang, Hongzhi Yin, Zi Huang, Qinyong Wang, Xingzhong Du and Quoc Viet Hung Nguyen (SIGIR'18)

April 2018:

Congratulations to Dr Hassan Khosravi who has been awarded the Higher Education Academy Senior Fellowship in recognition of his contributions to effective approaches to teaching and learning as well as successful coordination, support, supervision, management and mentoring of others in relation to learning and teaching.

February 2018:

The following three papers have been accepted by ICDE 2018. Congratulations to all authors!

  • Joint Event-Partner Recommendation in Event-based Social Networks, Hongzhi Yin, Lei Zou, Quoc Viet Hung Nguyen, Zi Huang and Xiaofang Zhou
  • Effective and Efficient User Account Linkage Across Location Based Social Networks, Wei Chen, Hongzhi Yin, Weiqing Wang, Lei Zhao and Xiaofang Zhou
  • Incremental Graph Pattern based Node Matching, Guohao Sun, Guanfeng Liu, Yan Wang, Mehmet A. Orgun and Xiaofang Zhou

December 2017:

Please join us in congratulating Marta Indulska for her promotion to full professor. Marta is a DKE alum and long time collaborator and supporter of DKE. During her tenure at UQ, Marta has made outstanding contributions to the information systems community at UQ and beyond. She is currently the head of the information systems cluster at UQ business school and the president of the Australian Association for Information Systems.

November 2017:

The IEEE Board of Directors, at its November 2017 meeting, elevated Prof Xiaofang Zhou to IEEE Fellow, effective 1 January 2018, for advancements in database query processing. Each year, following a rigorous evaluation procedure, the IEEE Fellow Committee recommends a select group of recipients for elevation to IEEE Fellow. Less than 0.1% of voting members are selected annually for this member grade elevation. Congratulations to Xiaofang on this major achievement!

Dr Helen Huang has been promoted to Associate Professor. Congratulations! Well deserved!

Congratulations to Dr Hongzhi Yin who is the 2017 receipient of the Faculty of EAIT Early-Career Researcher Award.

We are very pleased to announce that Dr Junhao Gan has been awarded CORE's 2018 John Makepeace Bennett Award. "Junhao's thesis presented an exceptional body of work and was very well written, solving several fundamental problems for the complexity of the DBSCAN algorithm, work for which he won the 2015 SIGMOD best paper award. As one of his examiners put it "The thesis exemplifies the perfect combinationof theory and practice, and how one can complement the other to obtain new breakthroughs to a decades-old problem."

October 2017:

We welcome new staff in Data Science! New staff who have joined UQ as part of the data science program have all arrived in Brisbane now. The DKE group held a welcome jam session on 25 October where Dr Fred Roosta-Khorasani, Dr Gianluca Demartini, Dr Hongzhi Yin, and Dr Slava Vaisman gave a short talk. Links to Presentations:

Dr Fred Roosta-Khorasani
Dr Gianluca Demartini
Dr Hongzhi Yin
Dr Slava Vaisman

Humaira Ehsan's paper "Efficient Recommendation of Aggregate Data Visualizations" has just been accepted by the prestigious publication IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE).

September 2017:

Great news that Prof Shazia Sadiq's paper from 2007 was given the BPM Test of Time award at the Conference on Business Process Management [BPM] this year: Modeling Control Objectives for Business Process Compliance, Shazia Sadiq, Guido Governatori, Kioumars Namiri.

August 2017:

Congratulations to Dr Hina Khan for receiving the prestigious 2016 Dean’s Award for Outstanding Higher Degree by Research Theses.  Hina's PhD work is on "Scalable Diversification for Data Exploration Platforms", and in 2017 she is an Advance Queensland Fellow in ITEE@UQ working on "Data management, exploration and visualization for smart energy grid". 

June 2017:

Congratulations to Lei Li for his accepted VLDB paper! This is a great achievement! Paper Title: Minimal On Road Time Route Scheduling on Time-Dependent Graph, Authors: Lei Li, Wen Hua, Xingzhong Du and Xiaofang Zhou.

Congratulations to Dr Bolong Zheng for another paper in the Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (PVLDB) 2018: ProbeSim: Scalable Single-Source and Top-k SimRank Computations on Dynamic Graphs. Authors: Yu Liu, Bolong Zheng, Xiaodong He, Zhewei Wei, Xiaokui Xiao , Kai Zheng, Jiaheng Lu.

March 2017:

Congratulations to Dr. Wen Hua and Dr. Hina Khan for receiving the generous and prestigious Advance Queensland Research Fellowships. Wen's project is on "Machine learning, data analytics, and knowledge management for microgrid data.", and Hina's is on "Data management, exploration and visualization for smart energy grid."

September 2016:

DKE students and staff met with Turing Award Winner Mike Stonebraker during the Australasian Database Week 2016 in Sydney. Prof Stonebraker presented the award to the winners of the ADC 2016 Best Paper: Xingzhong Du, Hongzhi Yin, Zi Huang, and Xiaofang Zhou from the DKE group, and Dr Yi Yang from UTS. Follow this link for photos.

DKE offered two Tenure-Track Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor Positions in Data Science.

May 2016:

DKE PhD graduate, Han Su, has been selected by the Dean of the UQ Graduate School as a recipient of the 2015 Dean’s Award for Outstanding Research Higher Degree Theses. Han's thesis examiners nominated her for this award as they considered her thesis to be a substantial contribution to international DKE research. Congratulations on this achievement!

DKE PhD student, Steve Wang, has done very well to get a paper included in the competitive and prestigious CAiSE conference, but additionally his research has been accepted as part of the doctoral consortium, as well as two additional papers in the CAiSE forum and workshop. This is a valuable opportunity to present and discuss his work with world experts in information systems. Well done Steve!

April 2016:

Prof Xiaofang Zhou, in collaboration with Soochow University and SMU, has won the DASFAA Best Paper Award. Co-author Wei Chen is Prof Zhou's PhD student in Soochow University, and Lei Zhao was a visiting scholar in the DKE group in 2015. Title - "When Peculiarity Makes a Difference: Object Characterisation in Heterogeneous Information Networks".

Congratulations to Yuan Su, DKE visiting scholar from BeiYou University in China, who has had a paper accepted by the prestigious IJCAI: "Understanding Information Diffusion under Interactions”,

December 2015:

The DKE research group has again been awarded ERA 5 as part of the Australian Research Council's Excellence in Research Australia program, making it one of four leading groups Australia wide in the area of Information Systems. An ERA 5 denotes research achievement well above world standards.

Great news that DKE has 5 research papers accepted by ICDE 2016. Congratulations to all authors! Many of you still remember the big success we had at ICDE 2015. This year’s success confirms again that DKE is one of the top database research groups in the world.

November 2015:

Congratulations to Prof Xue Li on his successful promotion to Professor. Well deserved!

DKE's Dr Helen Huang is the recipient of the 2016 Chris Wallace Award for Outstanding Research.

DKE researcher Dr Hongzhi Yin is the recipient of the Discovery Early Career Researcher Award [DECRA].

October 2015:

The DKE research group, led by Prof Heng Tao Shen, helped program and coordinate a hugely successful 23rd International ACM Conference on Multimedia, the premier conference for multimedia experts and practitioners across academia and industry. The conference was held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 26 – 30 October 2015.

The leading international conference, CIKM 2015, featured invited keynote addresses from three outstanding researchers from industry and academia, including DKE's Prof Xiaofang Zhou.

September 2015:

Dr Xue Li was selected as one of "the most powerful people in Australia" on Big Data by the Financial Review - the Power Issue 2015. The gathering of extremely large amounts of data that can be analysed to reveal patterns and trends, give insights into societal behaviour and predict outcomes is becoming a powerful force in society. This was evident when a team from The University of Queensland led by Dr Xue Li used an algorithm to anaylse more than 14,922 tweets and used word cloud associations to accurately predict the outcome of the Queensland election.

August 2015:

The UQ Graduate School has selected DKE's Hina Khan as the one student to represent UQ at the upcoming Go8-C9 Forum on Big Data at Nanjing University. The Go8-C9 forum will bring together 34 doctoral students from China and Australia to exchange ideas across disciplines and across national boundaries on key global issues relating to Big Data.  Each of the participating universities selects two top students – one from the science/ technology disciplines, one from the social sciences/humanities disciplines to present their perspectives on this topic within an interdisciplinary context. At UQ, Hina has been the one student selected to represent the science/ technology disciplines, in addition to receiving a UQ Grad School scholarship to fund her participation.

July 2015:

Congratulations to DKE PhD student Humaira Ehsan, who is the 2015 recipient of the prestigious Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship: Asia Pacific. Humaira holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Lahore University and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from NU-FAST. Humaira joined the DKE group at UQ in April 2015 and she is conducting research in the area of Data Exploration.

June 2015:

Internationally reknowned scientist, M. Tamer Özsu, Professor of Computer Science, and Associate Dean (Research) Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo, delivered a special presentation on 5 June at UQ. This was a special seminar hosted by the DKE group and the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. Prof. Özsu was recently awarded the prestigious SIGMOD 2015 Test of Time Award. This visit also brought together at UQ other leading researchers in the management of data including: Prof. Yufei Tao, Chinese University of Hong Kong [SIGMOD 2015 and 2013 Best Paper Awards] and Dr. Kai Zeng, UC Berkeley AMP Lab USA [SIGMOD 2012 Best Paper Award].

May 2015:

The DKE group is happy to share the good news that two papers have been accepted by the leading journal SIGKDD. Co-authors, Wen-Yuan Zhu and Wen-Chih Peng are from the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, and are currently visiting DKE as research scholars.

April 2015:

DKE DECRA Research Fellow, Kevin Zheng, and Prof Xiaofang Zhou, co-authored the prestigious ICDE 2015 Best Paper Award - an ERA A conference. Their collaborators on this work are from Renmin University of China, Microsoft Research Asia and Google.

February 2015:

In recognition of his standing, Prof Chengqi Zhang, University of Technology, Sydney has been appointed as an Honorary Professor in the School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering at UQ. As a consequence of this appointment, the DKE group looks forward to forging closer research relationships with Prof Zhang's Centre for Quantum Computation & Intelligent Systems at UTS.

January 2015:

Prof Xiaofang Zhou has been appointed as a member of the Queensland State Government Open Data Bill Consultation Committee.

December 2014:

Congratulations to A/Prof Xue Li and his team for winning both the Queensland government and the Microsoft awards at the Premier’s Open Data Competition for a web application that could assist residents in receiving real-time snapshots of damage inflicted by extreme weather events.The Wiki Queensland big-data fusion system won the Best Use of Open Data award and Microsoft Startup Q Award.

November 2014:

Prof Xiaofang Zhou has been elected to the prestigious position of Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Data Engineering.

Dr Helen Huang and Dr Mohamed Sharaf have both been promoted to the Senior Lecturer level. Congratulations on their well deserved promotion!

Dr Hongzhi Yin's paper "Dynamic User Modeling in Social Media Systems" has just been accepted by ACM Transactions on Information Systems.

DKE student, Ms Ling Chen has been awarded the Richard Jago Memorial Prize to help fund her trip to the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2014) in Shenzhen China.

October 2014:

The DKE group has 7 papers (so far!) accepted by ICDE 2015! What a fantastic achievement! This is certainly a record for DKE and possibly also a record for any database group. Included in the accepted publications are two papers led by people from DKE's sister group in Soochow University - a new group established by Prof Xiaofang Zhou only one year ago.

DKE Alumni, Dr Wasim Sadiq, has been featured as a "research leader" in Discovery at UQ - p.52. [This publication showcases many of UQ's outstanding research activities during the year.] in this profile, Dr Sadiq, currently Vice-President of Strategic Customer Engagement at SAP (one of the largest software companies in the world), comments on the importance in a research career of industry engagement from the time of undertaking a PhD. He also cautions research students not to focus on the end goal so much that they forget to appreciate the experiences along the way. “Doing a PhD is one opportunity in your life where you get to work on a complex problem for a few years on your own with some advice from your supervisor and peers. Sometimes, submitting the final PhD dissertation to get the degree becomes the key objective. My advice is not to make this the only goal. That will happen in any case if you do the right things. The experiences and lessons you will learn during your PhD are going to be the key asset in your professional life afterwards. Completing a PhD helps you gain valuable problem-solving skills by looking at problems in a multi-faceted way. It also helps you learn how to handle constructive criticism and most importantly, to not give up.”

September 2014:

Congratulations to Dr Helen Huang who has won the "Infotech Research" Award at the recent Women in Technology awards (WiT). Helen was selected as the winner for “her contribution to the field of IT research, her commitment to ongoing research and her ability and drive to guide the young minds of the future”. The WiT Awards are a fantastic recognition of women in ICT and honour the achievements of women at all levels working within the technology sector.  The awards are now in their 17th year and celebrate the important contribution women make to the technology industry and provide a means for encouraging more women to embark on a career in this sector.  Read more.

July 2014:

DKE staff bring together Australasia's database research community by hosting the 25th Australasian Database Conference [ADC-14] and the ADC PhD School on Big Data from 12-16 July. The events feature keynote and seminar presentations from leading international and national experts, with Prof Prof Timos Sellis [RMIT], Dr Divesh Srivastava [AT&T] and Prof Chengxiang Zhai [UIUC], Prof Jeffrey Yu [CUHK] and Dr Lei Chen [HKUST].

April 2014:

DKE researchers, Zhongwen Xu and Dr Yi Yang, along with Ashraf Kassim and Shuicheng Yan from the National University of Singapore, have achieved first place in the MSR-Bing Image Retrieval Challenge organized by Microsoft Research and Microsoft Bing.

This year the grand challenge is in conjunction with the IEEE International conference on multimedia and Expo. The topic of the Challenge is web image retrieval. The contestants are asked to develop systems to assess the effectiveness of query terms in describing the images crawled from the web for image search purposes. A contesting system is asked to produce a floating-point score on each image-query pair that reflects how relevant the query could be used to describe the given image, with higher numbers indicating higher relevance. The dynamic range of the scores does not play a significant role so long as, for any query, sorting by its corresponding scores for all its associated images gives the best retrieval ranking for these images. Click here for details of the contest.

November 2013:

DKE researchers have achieved an outstanding result in obtaining ARC grants in the DP, DECRA, LIEF and FF categories! A total of $3 million in grants! Dr Helen Huang is our group's new ARC Future Fellow, while Dr Kevin Zheng is the recipient of the Discovery Early Career Researcher Award [DECRA]. Prof Xiaofang Zhou, Prof Shazia Sadiq, and Dr Helen Huang are co-investigators on one successful DP grant, while A/Prof Xue Li leads a DP grant with colleagues from the University of Adelaide.

Prof Zhou is also part of a successful UQ led LIEF grant - FlashLite: A High Performance Machine for Data Intensive Science - which aims to build a high performance computer focussed on data intensive science.

October 2013:

DKE student, Xuefei Li, and her supervisor Dr Helen Huang, won the WISE 2013 Best Paper Award - an ERA A conference. In other impressive achievements for this month, second year PhD student, Ada Su's paper was accepted by ICDE 2014. Ada now has SIGMOD and ICDE papers, both as the first author.

September 2013:

DKE student, Vinita Nahar, has won the 2013 Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship [Australia and New Zealand] for her research into developing a program to prevent cyber bullying. The award and certificate were presented during a ceremony on 14 September held at Google's head office, Sydney. This networking retreat was also attended by all the winners from different countries of the 2013 Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship, and included workshops with a series of speakers, panels, breakout sessions and social activities, as well as providing an opportunity for students to meet and share experiences.

In 2013, The University of Queensland defined its top 30 Research Strengths. The DKE group is excited to announce that "Information Systems and Data Management" has been officially recognised as one of the university's top-30 research strengths.

July 2013:

Professor Maria Orlowska visited the University to receive her Doctor of Science honoris causa on 19 July. She was also the special guest at DKE's Big Data and Real Time Analytics Workshop held in the DKE Lab on 18 July. During her tenure at UQ (1987-2007), Maria made profound contributions to the growth, visibility and quality of the Department of Computer Science, and later School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE). From 1995 to 2007 she headed the school's Data and Knowledge Engineering Research Division. Maria served as a board member on the Australian Research Council, Trustee of the Very Large Database Endowment, and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. However, her greatest impact can be felt through her students, many of whom hold positions of leadership in academia and industry both in Australia and overseas. Since leaving UQ, Maria has been serving as the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland.

June 2013:

DKE students Xin Zhao and Xiaofeng Zhu (now a post-doc at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) have two full papers accepted by the top multimedia conference, ACM Multimedia 2013. This year the conference accepted 47 full papers only, with <20% acceptance rate. Importantly, Xin’s paper was also selected as one of the best paper candidates. Given the DKE group's high quality of publications at this conference, as well as our group's international standing in this field, we have won the bid to host ACM Multimedia 2015 in Brisbane.

SIGMOD is the best publication venue in database research and one of the best in computer science research. It is particularly tough this year as it used a two-phase double-blind review process. The DKE research group is excited to announce that it has two papers accepted! What a fantastic achievement! Two of the authors, Jingkuan Song and Han Su, are final-year and second-year PhD students, respectively, while another contributor, Jiamin Huang from Nanjing University China, participated in this work during his time as an intern in DKE. Congratulations to all the authors!

April 2013:

The DKE Research group helped program and coordinate a hugely successful 29th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering [ICDE 2013] .

December 2012:

The DKE Research group received ERA 5 as part of The University of Queensland's Information Systems research.

DKE student Thien Wan Au has won the ACPHIS Kit Dampney Prize for the Best Education Paper at the 23rd Australasian Conference on Information Systems.

November 2012:

DKE student Zhixu Li and co-authors Dr Mohamed Sharaf and A/Prof Xue Li, have won the Best Paper Award at WISE 2012! This paper is part of Zhixu's PhD work.

October 2012:

A/Prof Shazia Sadiq is among the five winners of the 2012 UQ Awards for Teaching Excellence. The annual teaching awards acknowledge a dedicated and inspirational group of teachers and teaching programs. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Mick McManus, said the awards honoured some of UQ's most committed and inspirational educators and celebrated the high quality of teaching at the University.

September 2012:

Congratulations to A/Prof Shazia Sadiq on winning the InfoTech Research Award at the 2012 Women in Technology Awards on Friday 7 September. The WiT Awards is an annual program fully developed by WiT in association with industry to celebrate outstanding women in the technology industries. This program provides all women regardless of age or career status, opportunities to develop their careers and be recognised. The WiT Awards focus on professional achievement, commitment to continuous career development, and support of WiT's objectives.

August 2012:

The 2012 Conference on Web Information System Engineering (WISE 2012) set up a Challenge for social networking analytics, using over 300 million tweets from 70 million users. There are two tracks, the performance track and the mining track. There were 19 teams in the world participated this challenge. The DKE team, led by A/Prof Xue Li, is the winner for the mining track! The team members include: Sayan Unankard, Ling Chen, Peng Li, Sen Wang, Zi Huang, and Mohamed Sharaf. Big congratulations to Xue and the team!

July 2012:

Prof Heng Tao Shen has been awarded a prestigious ARC Future Fellowship to investigate innovative approaches to analysing online video content and context. He plans to open up new ways of interacting with video in the mobile world. This project aims to develop real-time mobile systems for enabling a rich and highly dynamic digital video experiences through context-aware indexing, retrieval and consumption of mobile videos.