Data & Knowledge Engineering
School of ITEE


The Data and Knowledge Engineering group was awarded ERA 5 in 2012 making it one of two groups Australia wide in the area of Information Systems.

In 2013, The University of Queensland defined its top 30 Research Strengths with "Information Systems and Data Management" officially recognised as one of the university's top-30 research strengths.

During the last 10 years the group has participated in major national initiatives including acting as headquarters of the ARC Research Network on Enterprise Information Infrastructure (EII) (AU $3.2M) and participation in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics (ACB) (AU $7.3M). 

Members of the group have published 200+ publications in A/A* ranked ( journals and conferences, and provided service to the international database and information systems research community through a wide range of leadership roles including PC Chairs of major conferences such as ICDE, ACM Multimedia, BPM, DASFAA; various ACM and IEEE Journal Editorial Boards such as IEEE Transactions of Data and Knowledge Engineering and World Wide Web Journal; and hosting of major conferences such as IEEE ICDE 2013 and ACM Multimedia 2015.   The group currently holds five patents in the areas of workflow management, data quality and video data management.

The group consistently attracts major funding from ARC and industry, as well as a range of fellowships including the Australian Postdoctoral Fellowships, the ARC DECRA Fellowship, and also the prestigious Future Fellowship. 

Research partners and collaborators include SAP, CSIRO, NICTA, SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership, Microsoft, Chinese Academy of Sciences [Joint Lab for Data Engineering and Software Engineering Research], Renmin University of China [Joint Lab on Data and Knowledge Engineering Research], and the Health Quality and Complaints Commission.

Members of the group teach in the INFS discipline area, and contribute to a number of curriculum transformation projects at the University level (Xue Li, Curriculum Development for Cloud Computing) and national level (Shazia Sadiq ALTC Project on Service Science Management and Engineering). The group has received teaching awards including Shazia Sadiq, UQ Award for Teaching Excellence 2013; and Mohamed Sharaf, EAIT Award for Teaching Excellence, 2013.