Data & Knowledge Engineering
School of ITEE

Research Projects and Grants

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  • ARC Discovery Grant (2017 - 2019) Managing Data with High Redundancy and Low Value Density with Xiaofang Zhou
  • ARC Discovery Grant (2014 - 2016) Declaration, Exploration, Enhancement and Provenance: The DEEP Approach to Data Quality Management Systems with Dr Zi Huang, Prof Xioafang Zhou and Dr Divesh Srivastava
  • ARC Linkage Grant (2013 - 2016) In-memory Moving Objects Analytics for Real-time Business Applications. Industry Parter SAP, with Prof Xioafang Zhou, Dr Mohamed Sharaf, Dr Hoyoung Jeung, Dr Wasim Sadiq
  • ARC Discovery Grant (2012 - 2014) Detection of Location Significance from Quality Enhanced Trajectory Data with Prof Xiaofang Zhou
  • ARC Disocvery Grant (2011 - 2013) QualA-D: A Quality-Aware Query Engine for Next-Generation Data Integration Systems with Dr Mohamed Sharaf and Dr Ke Deng
  • EII Task Force on Data Quality (2009 – 2010)
  • ARC Linkage Grant (2008-2010) Data Enhancement, Integration and Access Services for Smarter, Collaborative and Adaptive Whole-of-Water-Cycle Management, Industry Partner: Southeast Queensland Healthy Waterways Partnership with Prof Xioafang Zhou, Prof Jane Hunter, Prof Yanchun Zhang and Dr Eva Abal
  • ARC Research Network (2004 – 2010) Enterprise Information Infrastructures
  • ARC Discovery Grant (2007 - 2009) Approaching the Limits of Data Quality Management
  • Go8 Australia Germany Collaborative Scheme (2009 - 2010) Dynamically Composed Compliance Processes using Semantic Web Services
  • ALTC Priority Projects (2008 - 2009) Service Science Management and Engineering Teaching and Learning
  • EII Task Force on BPM (2005 - 2007) An Industry Driven Investigation into Major Issues and Challenges in BPM
  • ARC Discovery Grant (2005 - 2007) A Formal Approach to Resource Allocation in Service Oriented Marketplaces with Dr Guido Governatori and A/Prof Robert Colomb
  • ARC Seed Funding for Research Network on Enterprise Information Infrastructures
  • ARC Discovery Grant (2004 - 2006) Service Oriented Process Communication with Prof Maria Orlowska and Prof Peter Green
  • ARC Linkage Grant (2003 - 2006) Harmonized Messaging Technology, Industry Partner: SAP Research 
  • New Staff Research Start up Fund (2001 - 2002) Dynamic Building of Workflows for Flexible Learning
  • Conceptual Modelling of Workflows (DSTC Praxis)
  • Flexible e-learning (DSTC Flex-eL)