Data & Knowledge Engineering
School of ITEE


Social Media Analytics

Social media and networks are a popular place for people to express their opinions about consumer products, to organize or initiate social events,

Data Quality Management

Our research on data quality includes practical methods to support and improve data quality practices in organisations as well as advanced computat

Big Data Infrastructure

Our research is targeted towards the storage, exploration, and analysis of big data in business and scientific applications.

Multimedia and Pattern Recognition

Our research on multimedia and pattern recognition includes designing innovative methods to collect, manage, index, analyse, and search big multime

Spatial Databases

Spatio-temporal data management is one of the research strengths in DKE that aims at providing computational foundation and tools to deal with larg

UQ Top 30 Research Strengths
"Information Systems and Data Management" has been officially recognised as one of the university's top-30 research strengths.
The emergence of large, publicly available and diverse data has led to the phenomenon of ‘Big Data’, which brings us closer to the promise of data-driven decision making more than ever before.
Research Overview
The Data and Knowledge Engineering (DKE) group is tackling the rising challenges of big data, real time analytics, data modelling and smart information use.
Handbook of Data Quality
The impact of data quality on the information chain has been widely recognized since the onset of large-scale data processing.
DataTown is an online repository and test environment for algorithms (methods) and data sets.
The lab is a new central work and meeting area used for development, research group meetings, and telecommunications, and is available for use at any time for students and staff of the DKE group.
Water Management
Adaptive water management requires the use of many different collections of data in order to obtain a high-level complete view of the environment.
Multimedia Search
Driven by the rapid advances in hardware and multimedia technologies, the deluge of multimedia data has recently flooded many computer science research fields.
Trajectory Computing
The prevalence of GPS sensors and mobile devices has enabled tracking the movements of almost any kind of moving objects such as vehicles, humans and animals.
Pattern Recognition
We use several kinds of devices (RGB camera, Depth camera, RFID and other sensors ) to detect human behaviours.