Data & Knowledge Engineering
School of ITEE


The emergence of large, publicly available and diverse data has led to the phenomenon of ‘Big Data’, which brings us closer to the promise of data-driven decision making more than ever before. However, the diversity, scale, and complexity present tough challenges towards creating value from big data. Researchers in DKE are tackling these challenges by developing effective and efficient solutions for managing, integrating and analysing very large amounts of complex and heterogeneous data.

DKE researchers have specifically targeted spatiotemporal and multimedia data, an area that has seen massive growth in volume and use due to prevalence of GPS devices and media empowered smartphones. Led by renowned Professors Xiaofang Zhou and Heng Tao Shen, this group has developed novel multi-resolution map data access methods, data mining approaches, trajectory search algorithms, a highly efficient near-duplicate video retrieval system capable to detect duplicates over millions of video clips, and novel approaches to real-time content based multimedia search. The research has been immensely successful in attracting funding and interest from major industry players in the software industry such as Microsoft and SAP.

The interconnectedness and diversity of data within the analytics pipeline challenges user trust on the reliability and interpretability of the results. An understanding of the underlying quality of data, the supporting data governance and audit frameworks and factors that lead to the effective use of information systems are imperative to develop a holistic view of the information chain. DKE researchers conduct studies that provide deep insights into the impact of information governance, modelling, use and quality.