Data & Knowledge Engineering
School of ITEE

Research Overview

The Data and Knowledge Engineering (DKE) group is tackling the rising challenges of big data, real time analytics, data modelling and smart information use. The cutting edge solutions developed lead to user empowerment at an individual, corporate and societal level. The research has made a sustained and influential contribution to the management, modelling, governance, integration, analysis and use of very large amounts of diverse and complex data in an interconnected world. This research excellence has been recognised with numerous awards and fellowships, including an ARC Future Fellowship, two ARC postdoctoral fellows and a ARC DECRA fellow.

DKE researchers collaborate with global industry leaders in the IT sector, renowned thought leaders, and a range of user organisations and communities. These collaborations span application areas such as intelligent transportation and logistics, water resource management, environmental studies, social computing, healthcare, compliance and risk management, IT governance, and business process management. DKE researchers convened a national research network on Enterprise Information Infrastructure (2005-2011) that profoundly influenced the Australian research community in terms of research collaboration, training and quality, and continues to play a leading role in promoting excellence in research training.