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DKE has established itself as a leading group in database education and research training, graduating over 90 PhD and Mphil students since 1990, and with a current enrolment of 35 research students.

The DKE research group provides students with outstanding research leadership, and cutting edge facilities. The group's research projects are funded by major funding bodies and companies including the Australian Research Council [ARC], and SAP.

DKE researchers have access to a one terabyte SAP HANA in-memory database platform. The SAP HANA technology provides DKE with invaluable computing power to analyse large experimental datasets.

DKE research graduates go on to work with major players in both public and private sectors within Australia and internationally, including leading companies like Amazon, IBM, SAP and Microsoft, as well as with universities worldwide. Some DKE graduates also go on to start up their own technology companies.

Visit the DKE Research page to find out about our current research, and feel free to contact potential DKE supervisors to discuss your research ideas.

Interested in undertaking a PhD in DKE within the School of ITEE? Here is a link to the steps to take.