Data & Knowledge Engineering
School of ITEE

Call for Contributions


The International Workshop on Scalable Social Event Processing and Management (SSEPM) aims to lift the traditional social event research to a new level by focusing on more advanced research topics, such as social event prediction and monitoring, social event relationship identification, event database indexing, social data analysis and visualization, etc. We welcome submissions of high-quality and original research papers that demonstrate novel methodologies and practical solutions for scalable social event processing and management.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Social event detection and prediction from multiple social media data sources
  • Social event evolvement monitoring
  • Social event database indexing and search
  • Social event description and summarization
  • Event relationship identification from social media
  • Real-time social event visualization
  • Heterogeneous social media data integration for social event discovery
  • Scalable multi-modality social media data management for social knowledge discovery
  • User profiling from social event discovery
  • Social event context discovery, e.g., location, time and interacting users

The extended versions of the best and selected papers will be recommended to the World Wide Web Journal (WWWJ) for publication.