Data & Knowledge Engineering
School of ITEE

Teaching and Learning

Courses I teach currently ...

INFS1200/INFS7900 Introduction to Information Systems 

INFS3200/INFS7907 Advanced Database Systems

INFS7410 Information Retrieval

Learning Tools

MyRec: A Visual Feedback Tool for Personalized Recommendation and Social Comparison

LDBM: An Interactive Online tool for Learning Threshold Concepts in Database Management

SQLator: SQL Learning Workbench 

Flex-eL: Workflow Driven e-Learning 

Grants and Awards

UQ Award for Teaching Excellence 2013

EAIT Award for Teaching Excellence 2011

UQ T&L Grant (Cloud Computing) 2010

UQ T&L Grant (Learning Database Management) 2008

ALTC Priority Project on SSME Curriculum Development 2008

U21 Subject Matter Expert 2003

Teaching related Publications

Ling Chen, Yang Liu, Marcus Gallagher, Bernard Pailthorpe, Shazia Sadiq, Heng Tao Shen, Xue Li. Introducing Cloud Computing Topics in Curricula. Journal of Information Systems Education. Vol 12, Issue 3, Sep 2012: pp. 315-324.

Au Thien Wan, Shazia Sadiq. Impact of Personalized Recommendation and Social Comparison on Learning Behaviours and Outcomes. In: Proceedings of the 23rd Australasian Conference on Information Systems 2012: pp. 1-10. 

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Au Thien Wan, Shazia Sadiq, Xue Li. On Improving Learning Outcomes Through Sharing of Learning Experiences. ICALT 2010:461-463.

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