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This project had a repository of 3D objects that were scanned from artifacts from UQ Antiquties Museum and UQ Anthropology Museum, using Konica Minolta Vivid-9i non-contact laser scanner. 3DSA annotation service is developed based on HTML5 and WebGL standards, which provides functionalities such as displaying, segmenting and tagging/annotating 3D museum object - without any plugin installation (still requires WebGL compatible browsers).

Below is a list of features:

  • Presentation of high quality 3D museum objects in full colours.
    • Museum object with good visual quality balanced with performance - 65,000 polygons.
    • Museum object with optimum visual quality - 500,000 polygons, almost 8X higher than the original.
      (Requires a strong graphical computer and fast internet.)
  • Tagging support for both resolutions of object, annotations are interoperable between the two versions.
    • Point annotation - tag to a particular location on the 3D object.
    • Segment/surface annotation - tag to a user-defined segment or surface on the 3D object.
  • Intuitive user interface
    • Large 3D display area.
    • Customisable interface.
    • WYSIWYG interface for tagging.

This service is currently supported by WebGL compatible browsers.

  • Mozilla Firefox - version 4 above
  • Google Chrome - version 9 above

If the recommended browsers fail to run 3DSA system, please visit the "Troubleshooting" section.

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Older versions

The old version of 3DSA annotation prototype was developed using Google's O3D plugin. This version supported annotation and tag migration of Flash based 2.5D VR object. O3D is an open-source shader-based, low-level graphical API that called in JavaScript, used for creating diverse set of rich and interactive 3D graphics applications that run on multiple operating systems and standard browsers. Google has superseded its own O3D plugin to favor with the new WebGL standard.

It was necessary to download and install the O3D plugin into the browser to run the old 3DSA annotation prototype v1.0. Google had closed their download section of O3D plugin


Video demonstration of 3DSA annotation prototype v1.0:
  (Migrating annotations across 3D/2.5D models using OAC.)

- Link to the Old Gallery.