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AnnoCryst for PyMOL


AnnoCryst for PyMOL extends the functionality of PyMOL to support collaborative annotation of 3D crystallographic models. It is implemented as a plugin to PyMOL that provides an interface to browse and create annotations on structures loaded from Protein Data Bank (PDB) files. The annotations are retrieved from and stored on an annotation server using the W3C's Annotea protocol.

The AnnoCryst for PyMOL tool performs a similar function to the Crystallography Annotation Tool (also developed by the eResearch group for the DART project).

AnnoCryst for PyMOL screenshot
Screenshot showing the annotation extension

Technical Details

AnnoCryst for PyMOL requires the Tcl/Tk version of PyMOL that supports extension via plugins. This is the standard version of PyMOL for Windows. For Mac, you will need to use either the Fink or X11 hybrid versions of PyMOL. The plugin was developed against PyMOL v0.99rc6 for Windows using the Python programming language.


To install AnnoCryst for PyMOL:

  • Download the AnnoCryst plugin.
  • Ensure that PyMOL is already installed.
  • Select Plugin -> Install Plugin from the PyMOL Tcl/Tk menu.
  • Browse to where you saved and select Open.
  • A dialog box will indicate that the plugin has been installed. Restart PyMOL to enable the plugin.


The AnnoCryst for PyMOL User Guide includes details on installation and usage of the annotation extension.