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AustESE Services


Australian Electronic Scholarly Editing

eResearch tools to support the collaborative authoring and management of electronic scholarly editions


The AustESE tools and services are available for testing through the AustESE Sandbox.

AustESE Architecture

Content Repository

A combination of a relational datastore and RDF triplestore, the content repository stores images, transcriptions (as Multi-Version-Documents), annotations & edition metadata.

Text Import & Mark-up

Includes editing tools for adding markup and corrections as well as tools to import transcriptions and images from a variety of formats including TEI/XML.

Text & Image Alignment

Tools to support automatic or manual mapping and overlay of transcriptions and facsimile images.

Collation & Textual Analysis

Tools to assist editors to collate texts and to produce apparatus for scholarly editions. These tools will also provide visualisation of variants and the visualisation of relationships between texts.

Annotation & Tagging

Collaborative annotation tools that allow editors to attach or reply to scholarly commentary on variations or parts of images or transcriptions, display, search or migrate annotations.

Electronic Publishing

Tools for versioning, locking & publishing electronic scholarly editions as well as to export to formats such as TEI, MS Word & ePub.

Workflow Engine

The workflow engine captures the sequence of tasks and decision-making steps as well as the provenance of generating an electronic scholarly edition.

Web Portal

Integrates the workbench modules and provides a web-based user interface.

Access & Authentication

AustESE will use the Australian Access Federation (AAF) services to implement authentication and access control.

The University of Queensland


Curtin University

University of Sydney



AustESE: Australian Electronic Scholarly Editing

The University of Queensland is proud to be in partnership with the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) project to create a unique opportunity to develop eResearch Tools that support the Collaborative Authoring and Management of Electronic Scholarly Editions. This project will benefit the Australian research community by providing an online research and publishing platform that contributes to the preservation and understanding of literary, classical, theological and philosophical texts that have shaped our cultural heritage.