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DART: Metadata Schema Registry

The Metadata Schema Registry has been developed as part of the DA3 DART workpackage.

The DA3 component of the DART project investigates the use of metadata schema registries for scientific applications and domains. For the purposes of this project, a metadata schema registry is defined as an online electronic repository of schema or application profiles that describe the structure and/or semantics of scientific data for recording and exchange. These registries can be used by researchers to format scientific data sets to improve interoperability and ensure that data can be easily disseminated to researchers within their discipline.

The prototype metadata schema registry demonstrates the functionality, procedures and potential application of metadata schema registries both within the DART project and in the wider field of Australian eScience domains. Users are able to submit schema that describe the format of their scientific data or alternatively they can access the repository to discover authoritative or suggestive standards for structuring scientific data for exchange and reuse. This will improve the ability of researchers to exchange, publish and disseminate scientific research data and therefore increase their capability for distributed collaboration both within their field and across domains.


  • submission (registration, uploading, entering)
  • metadata capture
  • verification and validation
  • search or query of the schema and metadata
  • browse of the schema or metadata
  • retrieval (downloading)
  • updating (editing, (metadata) maintenance)



Walk through a static demo of the prototype.

Login to the live demo system.

System Architecture