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Work Packages & Outcomes

The DART project is structured as a number of inter-related thematically-grouped sets of work packages. General descriptions of all of the DART workpackages are available in the DART proposal.

DART Workpackages

Collect Data Manage Data & Information Publish Information Collaborate & Annotate Discover Information Analyse Data

Research within the following workpackages is led by UQ-based researchers:

Collect Data

DMQ4: Online instruments - (Summary)
Provide online, remote access to pilot working instruments/sensors

Manage Data & Information

SI1: Distributed data management - (Summary)
Facilitate distributed data management using Fedora

SI3: Semantic search engine for SRB - (Summary)
Support richer descriptive and preservation metadata for dataset objects to enable more effective discovery

Publish Information

CR2: Creative Commons - (Summary)
Reduce barriers to content acquisition by providing more rights-assignment options for non-science researchers

CR3: Science Commons - (Summary)
Reduce barriers to content acquisition by providing more rights options for science researchers

Collaborate & Annotate

AA1: Individual Annotations - (Summary)
Allow researchers to annotate each other's works (including datasets)

AA2: Secure Annotations - (Summary)
Improve rates of annotation by allowing end-user control over who can annotate what and who can access the annotations

AA3: Collaborative Annotations - (Summary)
Help collaborative annotation services contribute to the life and productivity of research communities

Discover Information

DA3: Metadata Schema Registry - (Summary)
Reduce wasted effort in creating metadata schemas and improve interoperability of metadata schemas


Climatology Demonstrator - (Summary)
Applying DART research to the Climatology domain

DART Workpackages

DART Work Packages