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DART: Discovery and Access (DA)

The DA group of work packages relates to tools and services that enable researchers and readers to search, browse and discover resources within the repository and access them, either under controlled conditions or in an unrestricted way.

DA3: Metadata Schema Interoperability


The aim of this project is to reduce wasted effort in creating metadata schemas and improve interoperability of metadata schemas. To achieve this, we have developed a Metadata Schema Registry that enables users to create new schemas, submit schemas to the registry and search and browse the registry. The DART Metadata Schema Registry includes the following features:

  • Supports XML and RDF schema formats
  • Does not enforce a common model
  • Covers scientific domains (possibly specific to climatology or crystallography)
  • Enforces access control based on DA1 and AA2 work packages.
  • Provides human interfaces for search, browse and retrieval.


Suzanne Little
Jane Hunter




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