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Press Control+F after starting a movie to view it in full-screen mode (Command+F on a Mac).
Press the Escape key at any time to return to normal viewing mode.

Using the Danno Dashboard

Creating text annotations

Annotating images

Annotating Google Maps

Fine grained access control

Annotate any web page



Movies with Audio Commentary

These movies use an older user interface used before the Danno Dashboard was introduced. This interface was based entirely on bookmarklets.

Viewing the movies requires a recent Adobe Flash Viewer plug-in.


Live Example Danno Service

The following links demonstrate a standard Danno/Dannotate Apache Tomcat distribution without customization, and a Custom Danno-friendly demonstration page with an annotatable image and Google Map which uses the standard distribution facilities. These have been tested and validated Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer version 8.

In the spirit of openness, security on the Danno server has been turned off, so anyone can create, edit, or delete annotations. The annotation creation form allows you to enter a free form name as the annotation creator and we strongly suggest you set a name using the Danno Preferences link. We ask that you treat our trusting nature with corresponding goodness.

The DIAS-B project is funded from 2008 - 2011 by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) Platforms for Collaboration, through the National eResearch Architecture Taskforce (NeAT), and by the University of Queensland

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