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Image of French Bean Leaf, Copyright CMM

GRANI is an ARC funded Special Research Initiative. 

The primary aim of this initiative is to provide the NANO community with a Grid-aware middleware system that enables the collaborative management and analysis of images and data on a massive scale, by leveraging distributed software components coupled with networked computation and storage platforms. A mechanism to store, search and share microscope images and microscopy data will be created.

The NANO community has access to a range of advanced instruments for nanostructural analysis spread across its nodes. The NANO nodes are connected through the high speed GrangeNet network. This project aims to investigate and provide a technological solution that will enable the nodes to share their nanostructural images and data. A distributed data management infrastructure would enable the efficient file sharing and further the development of advanced knowledge mining services.

There is a great demand for software and data management tools that would enable secure access to a shared repository of microscopic research output and analytical services across the NANO network. This grid-enabled national archive would result in increased collaboration, greater efficiency and reduced costs.

Original Funding Application (PDF)