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Harmony Affiliations

Harmony project researchers are closely affiliated with a number of other initiatives and projects.

  • CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model - The CIDOC CRM was developed by the ICOM/CIDOC Documentation Standards Group as an ontology for representing cultural heritage information.

  • DAML - The DARPA Agent Markup Language. The goal is to develop a language and tools to facilitate the concept of the semantic web.

  • Dublin Core Metadata Initiative - An international organisation that has developed a popular set of metadata elements with core resource discovery semantics.

  • MPEG-7 - The Multimedia Content Description Interface: a Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) standard to describe audio-visual content.

  • MPEG-21 - An MPEG initiative whose goal is to provide an open framework which will enable the delivery and consumption of multimedia over a range of networks and devices.

  • Open Archives Initiative - An effort to facilitate the federation of digital content repositories by establishing an underlying infrastructure and protocol for exposing metadata.

  • RDF - The Resource Description Framework (RDF) integrates a variety of web-based metadata activities including sitemaps, content ratings, stream channel definitions, search engine data collection (web crawling), digital library collections, and distributed authoring, using XML as an interchange syntax.

  • RSS - RDF Site Summary (RSS) is a lightweight multipurpose extensible metadata description and syndication format. RSS is an XML application, conforms to the W3C's RDF Specification and is extensible via XML-namespace and/or RDF based modularisation.

  • Semantic Web Activity - a W3C Initiative to provide machine- processable data and technologies to enable the automation, integration and reuse of data across applications on the WWW.