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Harmony Collaboration

The Harmony project researchers are currently involved in a collaborative project with the CIMI organisation, a number of CIMI members and the developers of the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model. The goal of this work is to develop a common underlying metadata model to facilitate interoperability between metadata descriptions of objects from different museums.

The following CIMI members/museums responded to the CfP by providing images and metadata records for the ABC modelling and querying testbed described here:

The results of the latest CIMI modelling work:

  • ABC Harmony Ontology and Model Version 3, October 2001
  • XML Query Interface to CIMI/ABC Data, Sept 2001
  • ABC Harmony Data Model Version 2, June 2001
  • ABC Modelling Work, June 2001
  • RDF Query Squish Demo over AMOL Images

A series of 3 collaborative DELOS workshops on Ontology Harmonization, co-sponsored by the Harmony project have been held. The first workshop was in Rome from March 26-27, 2001. A second workshop was held in Darmstadt from September 8-9, following ECDL '01. A third and final workshop was held at ICS FORTH in Crete from June 3-5, 2002. A paper presenting the results of this workshop series is currently under development and is expected to be published in the Journal of Digital Information in late 2002.