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Indigenous Knowledge Management Software

We have developed a set of software tools which have been designed to enable Indigenous communities to protect their unique cultures and knowledge which are being preserved through digitisation. The software tools described here enable authorised members of communities to: define and control the rights, accessibility and reuse of their digital resources; uphold tribal customary laws pertaining to secret/sacred knowledge or objects; prevent the misuse of Indigenous heritage in culturally inappropriate or insensitive ways; ensure proper attribution; and finally to enable communities to describe their resources in their own words. Details about how to download the software below.

XML Metadata Editor/Generator Application (XMEG)

The XML Metadata Editor/Generator is a Java application that enables users to enter the three different types of metadata: descriptive, rights and annotative. Metadata is stored in platform independent XML format. It provides a search facility to find specific resources and has a resource viewer so that users may view / listen to resources. The administrative component of the application allows authorised users to manage user profiles and customise the schema that defines the rights metadata.

Search, Browse & Retrieval Interface

To allow access to collections of media items that have been indexed using the Metadata Editor/Generator described in the previous chapter a web-based interface has been developed. A number of dynamically generated webpages are created using Java Server Pages (JSP). These pages allow users to logon, and based on their profile (as created by the UserManager) perform searches on the metadata contained in the system's MySQL database. The results returned are filtered to include only those the user has permission to access. User's may then add media items of interest to their collection and be presented with dynamically generated multimedia (SMIL) presentations.
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Downloading XML Metadata Editor/Generator Application (XMEG)

XMEG and XSBR are available from sourceforge.


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