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OzTrack People


eResearch tools for the storage, analysis and visualization of animal tracking data

Project Steering Committee

  • Scientific Leader and Chair - Prof Craig Franklin, UQ ECO-Lab
  • Technical Project Leader - Prof Jane Hunter, UQ e-Research Group
  • Scientific Advisor - Dr Hamish Campbell, UQ ECO-Lab
  • Dr Colin Simpfendorfer, JCU, AATAMS
  • Dr Toby Patterson, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research (MAR)
  • Dr Greg Baxter, UQ, Australian Wildlife Management Society (AWMS)
  • Prof Mark Hindell, UTAS, Australian Antarctic Division (AAD)
  • Dr David Westcott, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
  • Prof Stuart Phinn, UQ, TERN
  • Project Manager - Wilfred Brimblecombe, UQ
  • NeCTAR representative - Dr Nigel Ward

Project Team

  • Project Manager - Wilfred Brimblecombe
  • Community Liaison - Dr Hamish Campbell
  • Scientific Data Analyst - Dr Ross Dwyer
  • Scientific Advisor - Matthew Watts
  • Software Engineer - Charles Brooking