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Information Integration

As articulated by Paul Ginsparg, information integration provides the basis for a rich "knowledge space" built on top of the basic web "data layer". This knowledge layer is composed of value-added services that process and offer abstracted information and knowledge, rather than returning documents (in the manner of most current web search engines).

Information integration on the web involves a number of architectural building blocks that are the focus of work of the W3C and the related semantic web community. This work includes mechanisms for information encoding and manipulation (e.g. XML, RDF, XSLT), and ontology construction and reasoning (e.g., RDFS, DAML+OIL, OWL). Information integration also motivates much of the metadata work in the digital library community. Some of this work is focused within specific domains (e.g., FGDC in the geospatial community, IMS LTSC in the educational/instructional community), while other metadata initiatives are looking beyond domain specificity towards providing services across heterogeneous content (e.g., Dublin Core and its goal of cross-domain resource discovery).

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