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Semantic Web

Information about a particular person, topic or digital resource can be created by multiple users, served by various services and dispersed across multiple sites over the Internet. Adoption of standardised metadata vocabularies and ontologies, expressed in standardised machine-processable languages such as the resource description framework or DAML+OIL are contributing to the realisation of the next generation web – the semantic web. One of the key promises of the semantic web is that it will provide the necessary infrastructure for enabling services and applications on the web to automatically aggregate and integrate information into a sum which is greater than the individual parts.

Semantic web services are enabling networked computer programs to process and consume information. Based on standards such as SOAP, XML and WSDL, these services provide a standardised way of enabling web/grid-based application-to-application interoperability. More recently the semantic web services initiative has developed OWL-S/DAML-S, an OWL ontology which enables web services to be described semantically and their descriptions to be processed and understood by software agents. A number of projects are using OWL-S to describe their domain-specific services and enable software agents to automatically discover, compose, invoke and monitor the most appropriate web services.

In parallel with advancements in the development of the semantic web, is a rapid increase in the size and range of resources available on the web/grid. This research attepts to exploit these developments – the rapid growth in content, the standardisation of content description and the development of the semantic web infrastructure to facilitate collaboration and sharing and preservation of digital resources.

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