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Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

The Bachelor of Information Technology (BInfTech) builds a solid foundation in software and hardware through first-class teaching and industry-focused projects. In this program, students have the option to specialise in a particular area by specifying a major or by making their own combination of courses which fit the degree rules.

The ITEE Advisor tool may be helpful in assisting with planning your degree and study plan.

First year students may want to refer to the Information Technology Student Handbook.

Available Majors

*Major to be discontinued - no new enrolments after 2014

Deciding on your study plan

In the Bachelor of Information Technology, students study a number of compulsory core courses and can build chosen areas of study (or majors) around them. Electives allow students to either focus on a particular area of interest or to broaden their background.

Students are not required to follow a fixed study plan UQ offers a range of different majors so students have the flexibility to choose a main area of interest. In the program it is possible to graduate without a major; with one single major; with two single majors or with a dual major. Students should follow the University rules to design their study plans around their area of interest.

Please view the program rules on the UQ study website for further information.

If you would like specific advice from an Academic Adviser please email:

Is there an alternative?

If students enrol in the Bachelor of Information Technology and decide that they would prefer to study Software Engineering, there is some flexibility to change programs. First year IT courses are also available in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Software Engineering) program. By choosing additional first-year courses needed for the Bachelor of Engineering as electives in the Bachelor of Information Technology, students can satisfy the entry prerequisites for Engineering and, subject to satisfactory grades, proceed to the second year of the Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) program.

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