School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

The School of ITEE is a multi-disciplined School that teaches across numerous fields of study in the ICT and engineering areas, preparing our graduates for a successful career in a myriad of jobs and industries.

Careers in ICT

ICT permeates practically every industry, creating a wide range of exciting work and employment opportunities. ICT can be about creativity, such as developing the Internet and producing multimedia communications. It is also about entertainment and fun, such as games design, with Queensland being home to Australia's largest interactive computer games cluster. Other exciting emerging areas in ICT include electronic security, earth simulation, data storage and bioinformatics.

ICT graduates are in demand with employers increasingly wanting ICT trained people possessing a combination of business problem solving and interpersonal skills. ICT skills are readily transferable across employers and industries, allowing graduates flexible employment opportunities.

Careers that started in ICT

Careers in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineers work in innovative environments, designing cutting-edge products for ICT industries. Graduates find career opportunities in the telecommunications and microwave industry, mining and transport section, power generation and transmission industries as well as government and defence sectors.