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Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

  • Am I eligible to enter the BE(Hons)/ME?
  • How do I apply to enter the BE(Hons)/ME?
  • Will all my BE or dual degree credit count towards the BE(Hons)/ME?

    Even if you have completed #48 towards the BE or BE (Hons) or a BE dual  or BE(Hons) dual degree, it may not be possible to get credit for all these courses towards the BE(Hons)/ME. This may occur if you have taken more electives or dual degree courses than can count towards the BE(Hons)/ME field you are entering.

  • I have a scholarship to finish my BE or BE(Hons). Can I extend it for an extra year for the BE(Hons)/ME?

    This will depend on the rules of the original scholarship. Some scholarships may be transferred for the fourth year of the BE(Hons)/ME but not the fifth. Others may not allow you to change programs at all without loss of the scholarship.

  • I receive student income support from CentreLink. Will I continue to receive it in the BE(Hons)/ME?

    You should consult with CentreLink about your continued eligibility to receive support. It may be the case that you will only be eligible for four years of support and not the fifth.

  • I'm studying a BE or BE(Hons) dual degree, e.g. BE/BSc. Can I keep studying this dual and the BE(Hons)/ME?

    There are no formal "triple" degree combinations of the BE(Hons)/ME with another degree. It may be possible for you to undertake the BE(Hons)/ME with another degree by seeking approval for concurrent enrolment in the BE(Hons)/ME and the other degree. It would be your responsibility to create a study plan which meets the requirements of the BE(Hons)/ME and the other degree and have the study plan approved by both the EAIT Faculty and the Faculty responsible for managing the other degree. Such a combination may add more than one year to your original dual degree duration.

  • I'm an international student. Can I apply to enter the BE(Hons)/ME?

    Provided you meet the eligibility requirements, you may apply, however, there may be visa and fee implications. If you are a sponsored student, you would need to check with your sponsor as to whether they will support your transfer to the BE(Hons)/ME.

  • Will I definitely get an industry placement?

    Industry placements organised by UQ will be on a competitive basis - students will have to apply to be placed with a particular company and will go through a selection process - possibly including an interview with company representatives. There are no guarantees that a place will be available for you.

  • My GPA is less than 5.0 at the end of third year. Can I still study the BE(Hons)/ME?

    You will not be permitted to enrol in the BE/ME unless you meet the eligibility criteria. It may be possible for you to study another semester, improve your GPA and then apply. This may affect the overall duration of your program - you may not be able to complete the requirements in five years.

  • I entered the BE/ME or BE(Hons)/ME but now just want to graduate with a BE or BE(Hons) . Is this possible?

    The thesis/project requirements of the BE/ME and BE(Hons)/ME in ITEE plans are different to those of the BE and BE(Hons) so it may not be possible to drop back to the BE or BE(Hons) without extending your study beyond four years. For example, if you decide halfway through year 4 to change from the BE(Hons)/ME to the BE(Hons), you will need to start your fourth year BE (Hons) thesis in semester 2 of year 4 and finish it halfway through your fifth year.

  • Is Honours available in the BE/ME?

    Yes. Honours will be based on a weighted GPA over all UQ courses which count towards the BE/ME. Courses are weighted both by their unit (#) value and their course code year level, with level 7 courses weighted as 5. Students will graduate with I, IIA or IIB honours. All students in the BE(Hons)/ME will graduate with a class of honours - which could be I, IIA, IIB, IIIBA or IIIB honours.

  • If I stay as a BE or BE(Hons) student, can I take BE(Hons)/ME courses as electives?

    You may take level 1 to 4 courses, but level 7 (postgraduate) courses are restricted to those students in the BE/ME or the BE(Hons)/ME or the MEngSc. On rare occasions, for exceptional BE or BE(Hons) students, it may be possible to undertake a postgraduate course using an undergraduate special topics code.

  • Are the BE/ME and BE(Hons)/ME accredited by Engineers Australia?

    The BE/ME in Electrical, Electrical & Biomedical, Electrical & Computer, and Software Engineering is provisionally accredited (as of 30 September 2013). Full accreditation will be sought following the emergence of the first representative group of graduates in each major.