The Power and Energy Systems Research group has built a strong reputation for quality teaching and research activities through its strong collaborations with a number of prestigious organisations.

The Australian Power Institute (API)

The Australian Power Institute is established by the electricity power industry to boost the quality and numbers of power engineering graduates with the skills and motivation for a career in the energy industry which encompasses generation, transmission and distribution utilities, manufacturers, consultants and end users of electricity in their operations. The Power and Energy Systems Research Group has established a powerful partnership with the API.

CS Energy, Stanwell and Tarong Energy - Master of Engineering, Power Generation

Central Queensland University, Queensland University of Technology and the The University of Queensland developed and delivered a world-class postgraduate program that meet the needs of the power generation industry and its current and future workforce. The program has been operational since 2007.

The Power Generation Skills Development programs offer professional engineers and those operating in para-professional roles, the opportunity to accelerate their technical competency and fast track their career in the power generation sector. The programs offer industry an increased pool of qualified staff available to meet future skill requirements. The program was originally funded by CS Energy, Stanwell and Tarong Energy.

QLD Geothermal Energy Centre of Excellence

In September 2007 the state government of Queensland, Australia, invested $15 Million over five years in the Geothermal Energy Centre of Excellence. The centre's research program addresses the issues of extracting geothermal power from the Copper Basin, in South-West Queensland.


Professor Tapan Saha has been actively involved with IEEE (QLD Section) since 1997. He was Chair of the Queensland Section from 2005-2006. Professor Saha is the current Chair and Dr Mehdi Eghbal is the current Secretary of Power and Energy Society of IEEE Queensland Chapter.

CIGRE (International Council of Large Electrical Systems)

The University of Queensland has been a collective member of CIGRE for many years. Professor Saha has been representing The University of Queensland in the CIGRE Australian Panels A2 and D1 for several years.

Queensland Electrical Branch-Engineers Australia

Professor Tapan Saha is the Vice Chair of the Queensland Electrical Branch in 2010 and 2011.

Institute for Information Technology (OFFIS) of the University of Oldenburg, Germany

Dr Olav Krause is currently working in collaboration with the Institute for Information Technology (OFFIS) of the University of Oldenbury, Germany. Cooperation topic is "autonomous supervision and usage coordination of distribution systems".

Industry Collaborations (Present & Past)