The teaching and research in energy systems is supported by sophisticated laboratory facilities which include:

  • Renewable Energy Laboratory

    The Power and Energy Systems group has developed a state of the art renewable energy laboratory with funding from AGL Solar Flagship Education Infrastructure Fund.

    The lab is equipped with modern renewable energy research facilities including:

         1. Two Real Time Digital Simulator racks
         2. Power Amplifiers
         3. Solar Emulator
         4. STATCOM
         5. Battery Storage
         6. Battery simulator
         7. Wind turbine control setup (With dSPACE)
         8. Most commercial power systems analytical tools

    • Machines Laboratory​

      UQ has developed the Machines Laboratory as an online laboratory –in which real laboratory experiments can be accessed through the Internet using the MIT’s iLab environment. This laboratory has a number of conventional laboratory experiments (Transformer & AC circuits) and a number of online machines experiments (AC, DC and Synchronous machines) using iLabs, which can be shared across a university or across the world. The iLabs vision is to share expensive equipment and educational materials associated with lab experiments as broadly as possible within higher education and beyond. This is the only online machines laboratory in the country and is jointly funded by the Australian Power Institute and the University of Queensland.

      Academics in Charge:
        Prof. Tapan Kumar Saha & Dr Nadarajah Mithulananthan
      Lab Supervisor:
        Muhammad Shameem
        Primarily Teaching

    • Power Systems & Power Quality Laboratory

      The power system simulation laboratory has analytical software tools to simulate, plan, design and control complex interconnected power systems with state of the art solutions. The analytical tools available at PSS-L can solve power system problems in wide range of time frames, from micro seconds to steady state and study impact of renewable energy integration, Custom Power devices, etc. Some of the software tools available at the PSS-L are listed below.

      Apart from the above tools, the powerful sever located at the PSS-L carries a number of test power systems, both at transmission and distribution level typically used for research in power and energy system research.

      1. PSS/E
      2. DSATools
      3. PowerWorld
      4. DigSILENT Power Factory
      5. PSCAD/EMTDC

      Academics in Charge:
      Dr Nadarajah Mithulanthan and Professor Tapan Saha
      Activities: Teaching; research for postgraduate students; research for funded projects; undergraduate thesis students; consulting for industry

    • Intelligent Plant Diagnostics Laboratory

      St. Lucia Laboratory: A well-equipped insulation diagnostics laboratory, which is very actively used for insulation degradation and over-stress measurements. This lab is equipped with a computer controlled high voltage (HV) testing facility consisting of a lightning impulse voltage generator, single and multiple impulse current generators, a 300 kV AC transformer, and necessary peripheral circuits. The laboratory has a series of commercial and self-developed equipment for HV apparatuses and cables diagnosis. These include Recovery Voltage and Polarization / Depolarization current measurement system, Frequency Domain Spectroscopy equipment with HV variable frequency power supply, Partial Discharge measurement systems (IEC60270 complied system, high frequency current transducer based system, acoustic based system), thermal imaging camera, Frequency Response Analyzer, water-in-oil measurement system, and fiber optic system for measuring temperature and moisture content in oil-paper insulation system.

      Long Pocket Laboratory: This newly refurbished and extended Intelligent Plant Diagnostic laboratory hosts the research and development facilities of Australia’s Transformer Innovation and Education Centre. It has a 468 KVA natural ester oil filled transformer equipped with the state-of-the-art on-line condition monitoring system. This laboratory also has a special accelerated ageing experimental facility, which is suitable for long term ageing experiments under controlled moisture and temperature for insulation materials used in HV apparatuses and cables.

      Academics in Charge:
      Professor Tapan Saha and Dr Hui Ma
      Lab Supervisor:
      Steve Wright
      Research for postgraduate students; research for funded projects; undergraduate thesis students; consulting for industry.

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