Control Methodologies of Distributed Generation for Enhanced Network Stability and Control

The project proposed here addressed the key issues, related to the integration of distributed generations, centrally controlled, in the National Electricity Market.  It is expected that increasing amounts of new technologies in the form of distributed generations (DG) will be introduced in electrical power systems in the coming years.  The emphasis on power generation from renewable sources leads to the development of technologies, such as solar panel, wind turbines and wave energy power plants.  DG units can be connected closer to customers and hence transmission and distribution costs can be significantly reduced.  The latest technology has made plants available (in particular wind farms), that have high efficiency and ranging in capacity from 10kw to 15mw.  The liberalisation of the electricity market contributes to creating opportunities for new utilities in the power generation sector.

As long as the penetration level of these new technologies in power systems is still low and they only cover a small fraction of the system load, they have little impact on the dynamic behaviour of a power system.  Therefore, in power system long-term dynamics and transient stability studies, they are normally considered as negative load and their intrinsic dynamics are not taken into account.  However, if the amount of new generation technology introduced in a power system becomes substaintial, it will significantly influence the overall behaviour of the system.  Penetration level (MV and voltage), location and proper model of the distributed generation will be important factors in the analysis of dynamic behaviour of power systems.  The goal of the research is to investigate the impacts of DG on power system transient, small signal and long term stability.


Funding: CSIRO Intelligent Grid-Energy Transformed Flagship
Project Partners: 
  • Intelligent Grid-Energy Transformed Flagship
Status: Completed


Chief Investigator/s: 
  • Professor Tapan Saha
  • Dr Mithulananthan Nadarajah
Research Staff: 
  • Dr Jahangir Hossain
  • Dr Uday Mhaskar
RHD Student: 
  • Mr Tareq Aziz
  • Mr Sudarshan Dahal