Development of Smart Power Transformers with Intelligent Monitoring, Diagnostic and Life Management Systems

The transformer is a key infrastructure component of the power grid and the majority of large transformers around the world are reaching and in some cases exceeding their design life. This project aims to investigate most suitable online sensor technologies for assessing a transformers health condition, to develop machine learning based data centric techniques to extract useful information and to build up a comprehensive health index from main diagnostics. This project will develop an integrated intelligent diagnostics system, which will provide a total solution for the continuous monitoring of transformers to avoid catastrophic failures of the power grid and also pave the way for the development of the next generation smart transformer.


Funding: Australian Research Council Linkage Projects
Project Partners: 
  • Energex
  • Ergon Energy
  • Powerlink Australia
  • TransGrid
Status: Completed


Chief Investigator/s: 
  • Professor Tapan Saha
Research Staff: 
  • Dr Hui Ma
  • Dr Chandima Ekanayake
  • Dr Dan Martin
RHD Student: 
  • Jefferey Chan
  • Yi Qui