Investigation of Demand Diversity and New Generation Entry into Electricity Market Simulation Tools

The aim of this project is to investigate demand diversity and appropriate new generation entry into market simulation tools to ensure reliable and economic market operations.  When assessing proposals for new generation investments in the National Electricity Market, prospective investors need to forecast future market outcomes by using appropriate simulation tools.  Currently there is no literature addressing various aspects of market simulation techniques and models.  It is important to understand whether the differences in modelling options and simulation techniques materially affect the simulation results.  This proposal aims to provide unique tools for generation augmentation considering demand diversity in different National Electricity Market regions.


Funding: Australian Research Council Linkage Projects
Project Partners: 
  • Powerlink
  • TransGrid
  • Transend
  • The University of Queensland
Status: Completed


Chief Investigator/s: 
  • Professor Tapan Saha
  • Dr Z. Y. Dong
Research Staff: 
  • Dr Jagath Fonseka
  • Ms Carla Zieser
  • Dr Kin Onn Wong