Investigation of Key Factors Affecting the Polarisation Based Diagnostics of Power Transformers

Electricity utilities are currently facing a major problem with an ageing population of power transformers.  A number of recently developed polarisation based diagnostics produce sensitive indications of ageing and moisture in transformers.  However, there is no suitable interpretation procedure available to separate the impacts of moisture and ageing by-products on these diagnostics.  A number of innovative laboratory and field experiments will be performed to understand the mechanism of ageing and the end of life characteristics.  The outcome will assist engineers and managers in making correct decisions on the maintenance and replacement strategies of aged transformers to avoid major power interruptions.


Funding: Australian Research Council Linkage Projects
Project Partners: 
  • The University of Queensland
  • Powerlink
  • Connell Wagner
  • Energy Australia
Status: Completed


Chief Investigator/s: 
  • Professor Tapan Saha
Research Staff: 
  • Dr Chandima Ekanayake
  • Dr Hui Ma
RHD Student: 
  • Mr Raj Jadav