Optimum Location of FACTS Devices with Advanced Control Scheme for Improving the Security of Complex Power Grid

Prevention of blackouts is one of the highest priorities of the electricity industry.  One of the fundamental reasons for the recent blackouts in long transmission networks is inter-area oscillations.  Queensland's long transmission network is a vital part of the Australian electricity grid and is vunerable to inter-area oscillations.  There is a need for a comprehensive approach to investigate the effect of inter-area oscillation that contributes to blackouts.  Focussing the Queensland network, this project will provide a complete assessment tool for the optimum location of FACTS devices with modern and advanced control schemes in improving the security of complex interconnected power-grid.


Funding: Australian Research Council Linkage Projects
Project Partners: 
  • Powerlink Queensland
Status: Completed


Chief Investigator/s: 
  • Professor Tapan Saha
  • Associate Professor Z Y Dong
RHD Student: 
  • Mr Robert Chang
  • Mr Nilesh Modi