Primary Supervisor Student Name Topic
Dr. Firuz Zare Mr Abdulrahman Alduraibi How would modern power converters improve energy efficiency of grids
Dr. Rahul Sharma Mr Rajiv Chandra Shekhar A Model for Spark Ignition of Hazardous Atmospheres Initiated by Electronic Power Supply Systems
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr Saeed Alzahrani Stability Performance of Power System In Present of Large-Scale Photovoltaic Power Plants
Prof. Tapan Saha Mr Amit Dhoke Development of Solar Micro-Grids and its Control Strategy
Dr. Rahul Sharma Mrs Surina Mat Suboh Robust Model-Predictive Controller for Variable-Speed Turbine
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr Hashemi Ford The Impact of Large Scale Wind Farms on Power Systems
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Lakshitha Naranpanawe Numerical Modelling of Thermally Driven Moisture Distribution in Transformer Insulation System
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr Md Shariful Islam Stability Analysis and Control of Power Systems with High Penetration of Wind Energy
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Jaroslaw Krata The centralized control method for power distribution grids penetrated by renewable energy sources
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr Awan Krismanto Small Signal Stability Impact of Microgrid in Power System
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr Mohsen Ahmadi Design of an Intelligent Charging Station for Electric Vehicles and Evaluating its Effects on Maintaining the Stability, Voltage Profile and Power Quality of the Distrbution Network
Dr. Olav Krause Mr Sohel Uddin Distribution System Energy Management through Capacity Constrained Optimization
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mrs Junainah Sardi Synthesize of Community Energy Storage in Power Grid with PV and EV Charging Loads
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr Shanker Lamichhane Towards “100 percent” Renewable Energy Penetration in Australian Grids: Stability Challenges and Countermeasures
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr Muhammad Qamar Raza Forecasting and Predictive Building Energy Comfort Management System (BECM)
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Alex (Huajie) Gu Optimal energy management in smart grids with renewables
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Licheng Wang Renewable Energy Integration into Power Grid
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr Herlambang Setiadi Coordinated Control of BES and PSS for Small Signal Stability Enhancement in Power System with High Penetration of RE
Dr. Firuz Zare Mr Ahmad Abdullah Harmonics and Power Quality Analysis, Modelling and Measuring of Low Voltage Grids
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Imran Azim 100% Renewable Powered Autonomous Microgrids Integrated with Battery Storage
Dr. Olav Krause Mr Md Naz Niamul Islam Hierarchical Capacity Constrained State Optimization of Distribution System
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Aobo Zhou Comprehensive analysis on renewable energy management and Demand Response (DR) in the micro-grid
Dr. Olav Krause Ms Xiang Li Load Modeling in State Estimation for Distribution System
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr Mohammad Habibullah DC Microgrid: Stability, Power Quality & Fault Analysis
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Davood Solati Alkaran Optimal Operation and Control of Active Front End systems, Smart Microgrids and Grids
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Md Abdul Hafeez Ansari Fibre Optics Based Condition Monitoring of Transformer Insulation
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Mehedi Hasan Control of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for Effective Utilisation of Large Scale Solar PV Plant
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Ruiyuan Zhang Energy Smart Management based on Advanced Data Analysis
Dr. Rahul Sharma Mr Ebby Thomas Stochastic optimisation of demand side management
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr Monirul Islam Power system stability assessment with high penetration of PV generation integrated with transformerless inverter
Dr. Tapan Saha Ms Juliana Babosa Nunes Integrated planning of electricity and natural gas networks considering renewable energy and electric vehicle penetration.
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Junhyuck Seo Intelligent Monitoring and Diagnosis of On-Load Tap-Changer (OLTC) and Bushing of Power Transformer
Dr. Olav Krause Mr Amit Kunwar Impact of Wind Power Generation to Grid Network
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Sameera Samarasinghe Preventing transformer failures by silver sulphide
Dr. Tapan Saha Mrs Shohana Deeba Development of control methodologies for energy storage systems in electricity distribution networks
Dr Rahul Sharma Mr Saeid Veysi Raygani Photovoltaic Variability and Uncertainty Characterization and Management Strategies
Primary Supervisor Student Name Topic
Dr. Zhao Dong Mr. (Larry) Lin Weng Advanced Techniques for Engine Optimization and Control
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Subhashish Bhattacharya Investigating problems in power system protection and stability arising out of two way power flow betweeb power grid and PV cells
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Nilesh Modi Advanced control scheme for FACTS devices for improving the security of complex grid
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr. Md Rakibuzzaman Shah Dynamic Voltage Stability Assessment of Real Power System with large Scale Integrated Photovoltaic Generator
Dr. Zhao Dong Mr. Xingrang Liu Optimising Boiler Combustion Based on Online Combustion Simulation
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Kazi Hasan Reliability and cost benefit assessment of transmission options for connecting large-scale power generators from Coopers Basin to the Australian national electricity grid.
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Ms P. G. H. Champa Dharmakeerthi Intelligent switching for boosting renewable energy extracation.
Dr. Zhao Dong Mr. Zhao Xu Electricity Market Planning and Management
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. (Kelvin) Jing Yew Predicting the Insulation Condition of Aged Transformer by time/frequency domain dielectric measurements
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Kin Wong Optimisation of Power System Generation Investment
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Andrew Thomas Conditional assessment of medium voltage XLPE-insulated cables degraded by water treeing
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Ruifeng Yan Large scale Solar Energy Integration to Power Grid
Dr. Zhao Dong Mr. Junhua Zhao Advanced Computational technologies for Electricity Market Management and Analysis
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Justin Bray Braking System of the Ultracommuter
Dr. Tapan Saha Miss Carla Ziser Investigation of Demand Diversity in Electricity Market Simulation
Dr. Rajat Majumder Mr. (Steven) Yi-Chi Kong A comprehensive study of grid integration of wind generation: analysis and control
Dr. Zhao Dong Mr. (John) Zhe Lu Electricity market planning and management
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Robert Chang Optimum location of FACTS devices with advnaced control scheme for improving the security of complex power grid
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Sudarshan Dahal A study on the effects of induction machines on the power system stability
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Raj Jadav Investigation of the impact of moisture and ageing on the polarisation based diagnostics of power transformers
Dr. Tapan Saha Mrs. Yu (Fiona) Zhao Investigation of the Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (SFCL) Applied in Electrical Power System with Distributed Generations
Dr. Tapan Saha Miss Huong Nguyen Optimum location of FACTS devices with advanced control scheme for improving the security of complex power grid
Dr. Ramesh Bansal Miss Nur Hanis Mohammad Radzi Exploring transmission pricing methodologies in a market environment
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Tareq Aziz Design of effective reactive power compensation methods for grid integration of large wind farms
Dr. Geoffrey Walker Mr. David Finn Optimum Motor Controller Topology in Automotive Applications
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Zheng Yao Modelling of Dielectric Responses on Power Transformer Insulation
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr Quoc Duong Application of Distribution Generation in Primary Distribution Networks for Energy Loss Reduction with Practical Scenarios Consideration.
Dr. Olav Krause Mr Mohammad Kabir Design and analysis of stand-alone wind-PV hybrid power system.
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Mohd Fairouz Mohd Yousof Enhancement of Power Transformer Diagnosis Techniques
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Chi (Jeffery) Chan Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Online Power Transformer Insulation Diagnosis
Dr. Mithulan Nadarajah Mr Jalil Yaghoobi Stability analysis of solar PV integration into the distribution grid
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Mohammed (Imran) Hossain Design of a Smart Management System for Future Distribution Networks with High Photovoltaic Penetration
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Mehdi Mosadeghy Reliability Impacts of Increased Wind Generation in the Australian National Electricity Grid
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Muhammad Nappu Congested Power Systems in a Deregulated Environment
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Damien Sansom Modern Tools and Methods Applied to Restructured Electricity Markets
Dr. Chandima Ekanayake Mr. Kapila Senarath Bandara Kajawaththa Mudiyanselage Condition monitoring of biodegradable oil filled transformer
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Yi Cui Investigation of Data Centric Diagnostic Techniques for Transformer Condition Assessment
Dr. Tapan Saha Mrs Annapoorna Chidurala Integration of Photo Voltaic Power into Distribution Grid and Power Quality Challenges
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Craig Aumuller Investigation into the Impact of Powerformer Design on Power System Operational Security
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. John Edwards Magnetic Flux Based Transformer Model
Dr. Zhao Dong Mr. Yateendra Mishra Stability studies in a deregulated electricity market
Dr. Zhao Dong Ms. Anisah Nizar Data Mining techniques technologies in customer information billing system to predict, forecast estimate customer behavior in electricity market
Dr. Zhao Dong Mrs. Jennie Lu Probabilistic Transmission Expansion Planning in Competitive Electricity Market
Dr. Zhao Dong Mr. Gang Cao Stability Analysis and Control of Large Scale Power Systems Incorporating FACTS Devices
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Tika Limbu Investigation of reliability and cost/benefit issues of PowerformerTM for the Queensland electricity system
Dr. Zhao Dong Mr. Jian Ma Power System Dynamic Stability Assessment
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Alok Thapar Analysis of the Impact of Power Quality on Sensitive Electronic Equipment using Wavelet Tranform
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Sheng Goh Transfer Capability Assessment in a Competitive Electric Market
Dr. Tapan Saha Ms. Valerie Lim Power Delivery in a Deregulated Market
Dr. Geoffrey Walker Mr. Andrew Simpson Comparative Assessment of Powertrain Technologies for Electric-Drive Road Vehicles
Dr. Geoffrey Walker Mr. Paul Sernia Random Modulation in Multilevel Converters for Distributed Generation Applications
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr. Karl Mardira Reliability of Metal Oxide Surge Arrester
Dr. Tapan Saha Mr Nahid Al Masood Security assessment due to increased wind generation in a complex power grid