Research Higher Degree

Eligible students may undertake a MPhil or PhD within the Power &Energy Systems field, subject to the availability of appropriate staff. See further information regarding the group's areas of research.

To discuss admission requirements or for general enquiries about undertaking a Research Higher Degree in Power &Energy Systems, please contact the School's RHD Administrator.

Postgraduate Coursework

Graduates who hold a bachelors degree in Engineering and wish to undertake advanced studies in Power &Energy Systems may wish to consider completing one of the relevant postgraduate coursework programs within the Master of Engineering, which allows the selection of advanced courses on relevant topics and thesis project under the supervision of a staff member from the research group.

Within the Master of Engineering, eligible students have the choice of broadening their knowledge and skills across a broad based program of advanced study or through specialisation in the following streams including Power Systems, Power Generation and Electricity Market. For any enquiries regarding undertaking a postgraduate coursework degree in Power & Energy Systems please contact the School of ITEE.

For further information please contact:

Professor Tapan Saha
Power & Energy Systems Group Leader