Security & Surveillance

International usage and interest in surveillance of public spaces is growing at an unprecedented pace in response to global terrorism. The research being conducted by the Security and Surveillance Group seeks to overcome the inadequacies of current surveillance techniques and meet the increased demand for improvements in human monitoring, following the immense costs of successful terrorist attacks. A solution may be found in advanced surveillance systems employing computer monitoring of all video feeds, delivering the alerts to human responders for triage. Indeed such systems may assist in maintaining the high level of vigilance required over many years to detect the rare events associated with terrorism - a well designed computer system is never caught off guard.

Our surveillance research is aimed at developing advanced security solutions based on computer vision and pattern recognition technologies and advanced embedded systems. These systems have been evaluated at several sites around Australia and overseas. This research has attracted national and international interest from agencies and has secured over $1.6 million in funding.

In addition to this theme is continued research into robust biometrics suitable for CCTV and mobile deployment.  The team has won a number of awards for its biometrics research and is well-embedded in the international research community.  Our technologies extend to medical surveillance via our Digital Pathology Project with Sullivan and Nicolaides Pathology as well as ionospheric surveillance via our projects on Space Weather with AOARD.

As a leading computer vision and pattern recognition research team our targetted conferences for our fundamental research are CVPR, ICCV, and ECCV and the journals PR, TPAMI, and TIP.  We welcome applications from strong PhD Candidates who wish to pursue top level academic research and excellence.