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Below you will find some frequently asked questions regarding your thesis at School of ITEE.


I just enrolled in my Thesis Project course. I am wondering how I can now choose my thesis topic.

Detailed info is available at:, but in a nutshell here is the process:

  1. Browse the Project Database for suitable topics
  2. Contact potential supervisors listed with the topic to discuss topics that interest you, or to propose your own topic
  3. When you’ve come to an agreement with a supervisor, get them to allocate you to your project in the Project Database
  4. Enrol in your course via SI-net.  If you are a student of the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering, email the SOMME office staff first to add you to the permission list for your course and CC your supervisor into this email or SI-net will not accept your enrolment (
I have just finished my 4th year in a Dual Bachelor of Engineering (software) and Commerce and had plans to enrol in my Thesis Project course (ENGG4801). However, after reading through the course profile I noticed that it says “restricted to final year BE students”. I was wondering if this restriction applies to students enrolled in dual degrees, or am I still able to enrol into this course as I still have 1 year and 1 semester remaining for my five and a half year degree.

If you are doing a dual degree you can enrol at the end of your ITEE degree.

After looking into the thesis topics in the project database, I realised some of the topics I was interested in were only listed for ME (Masters of Engineering). I have contacted the relevant supervisors and they have said it is fine for me to enrol into this topic if I wish. I just wanted to confirm that this is okay before starting the thesis.

Yes, even if it is advertised for another program, if the supervisor agrees you can take the topic.


What is the process to get permission to enrol in ENGG4805 since it is restricted to Final Year BE Students and requires the permission from the Head of School?

You have to have all requirements fulfilled at the end of this course to be able to graduate. Since it is worth 4 units you should only be taking a maximum of 4 additional units in this last semester. If this is the case send an email to and we will process your request. If not, you have to go the path of ENGG4801 (or ENGG4802 if you enrol in semester 2), 4 units over two semesters.


I was wondering if I would be able to enrol in my thesis next year as I am now a 3rd year going onto 4th year. I thought I check f I am eligible because I will graduate after in my 5th year semester 1 as I have two courses left to do for my degree.

The general rule is that enrolment into Thesis courses is restricted to final year students. Since your final year starts in semester 2, this would be the earliest you can enrol.


I wish to enquire about employer suitability for any of the ITEE CEED/Placement Project courses ENGG4805, CSSE3006, CSSE7306, ENGG7830 or METR7830.

Please email the course coordinator Dr Joel Carpenter ( with your question.


I have recently proposed my own thesis topic to an academic outside of the School of ITEE who is keen on having me work on this topic since it aligns with his research. Given that I am completing an ITEE degree I just wanted to check whether an ITEE staff member is required to co-supervise or have involvement in the project.

If the academic has an IT background (either by profession or acquired) this is normally fine (but you should check by emailing anyway). Otherwise this academic could be your thesis examiner (and client) and you both should find a suitable ITEE academic to become your thesis supervisor.