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Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Making Appointments with Academic Advisors

We have a number of academics currently assisting with academic advising across ITEE's programs. 

While advisors are able to assist across most of ITEE's engineering programs, they have areas of expertise in certain subject areas.

To help us to provide the best possible assistance to you, follow these steps to make an appointment:

  1. Follow the links below to your program of study to identify possible solutions that meet your requirements (and bring these along to your subsequent appointment)

  2. Follow the links below to your program of study to identify the academic advisor who best suits your enquiries.

  3. Contact or visit the School Office to book your academic advising appointment.

Academic advising appointments are available upon request for all UQ School of ITEE students.

Undergraduate Program Structure Changes in 2021

ITEE undergraduate programs are changing from Semester 1, 2021. The structure of the programs, and the courses available to study, have been updated. 

Students already studying these programs can complete their program in the existing structure, or they may be able to choose to transition to the new structure. 

More information can be found on the EAIT page. 

Undergraduate Programs

Postgraduate Programs