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Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Artificial Intelligence is a broad term that means different things to different people, from automated decision-making and self-driving vehicles, to science-fiction inspired androids and thinking, feeling machines.

While artificial general intelligence (AGI) is still the subject of science fiction, AI systems are growing in capability and capacity at a tremendous rate, powered by research into algorithms and software, powerful computing architectures, and the availability of massive data sets on which they can be trained.

Studying AI at UQ will give you the opportunity to participate in this emerging technology sector, either as a fundamental research, system and application developer, or as a leader to shepherd the development and deployment of these systems in the broader community, and understand the ethical and social impacts of the technology.

If you are new to AI, check out the UQ Library’s AI Essentials Module, and see below for courses and programs available for study.  This sector is growing rapidly, and UQ continues to develop and refine its study options.

Available Programs

Students can undertake study in AI through:

Less specialisied programs offered through UQ provide some fundmental teaching around AI including: